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* Do you know what DNS Tunneling is?

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DNS Tunneling attack is difficult to detect cyber threat. With it, cybercriminals route the DNS requests to a server controlled by them. In addition, this attack supplies them with a hidden command and control channel and data exfiltration path. The target system should be connected to an external network. That way, the cybercriminal can access an internal DNS server with network access.

DNS tunneling attack exploits the DNS protocol and executes tunneling malware or data through a client-server model. So, the steps are:

  1. The cybercriminal registers a domain and directs it to the server under its control.
  2. The cybercriminal infects a target device with malware.
  3. The Recursive DNS server requests the IP address.
  4. The Recursive DNS server routes the DNS query back to the authoritative DNS server controlled by the attacker and includes the tunneling software.
  5. The connection between the cybercriminal and the target is completed without any notice.

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